Consulting firms are always on the hunt for ways to improve the efficiency of their staff, project profitability and client satisfaction. The continuous shifts in their buying behaviours and new technologies emerging up, this means the duration and staff allocation of each project can keep on varying making it difficult to identify the right staff allocations and revenue at a given time. This means that they need a system that can help them address these challenges. NetSuite helps consulting firms address these challenges by providing a full suite of tools to tackle their top pain points.

Customer Story

To support its expansion in Southeast Asia, Japan-based ASICS needed ERP software that could quickly be provisioned for sales operations in India and Singapore, managed without an IT department, and was flexible enough to integrate with on-premise financial software at its headquarters. Seeking to reduce TCO, ASICS looked to the cloud and a two-tier ERP model to provide real-time visibility across the entire organization.

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Billable Hours

Revenue Recognition

Project Management

Create quality deliverables for your clients by optimising staff efficiency and productivity on consulting projects. Netsuite assists you in understanding the time devoted by each employee or a team on a certain project and recognise the areas where company resources are being spent. This helps measure inefficiencies and other key indicators, providing your clients the best result for their resources being spent on each billable hour.

In the consulting industry a project can last longer than 12 months and involve transformational changes. Based on the time the sale occurs, the revenue earned has to be recognized at different times depending on whether it is recognized as revenue in a particular period or not. Netsuite offers an integrated platform that allows you to classify revenue across present, deferred, and forecasted amounts. With a clear view into the entire revenue recognition process, you can save time and money, while eliminating costly errors. Get a clear view of revenue by account, customer, project or even geography.

Project management is a critical part of any consulting firm. It’s a process that helps the firm manage its resources, which in turn allows it to work more efficiently. Having multiple projects being carried out at single time could be a challenging process for the Senior partners in a consulting firm. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the right resources are allocated to the right projects or clients at a given time to achieve maximum efficiency. Achieving this manually can be a daunting process. Netsuite offers the right integrated solution for project management which allows you to plan ahead of the project and effectively define tasks of a project in a planned sequence of execution.

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