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Construction is an extremely competitive, challenging industry. The industry is highly regulated and has large project costs, which can make it difficult for companies to compete with other companies within the industry. Additionally, the companies often have to handle multiple clients of large calibre at a single point of time. The seasonality within the industry could mean there are significant changes in demand throughout the year when compared to other industries.These challenges imply that construction companies need to heavily rely upon project management to ensure they are able to carry out their mission successfully and efficiently.

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Netsuite can be implemented as a solution to these challenges for your organisation. Netsuite’s innovative technology allows for streamlining complicated business processes and implementing distinctive business solutions specifically tailored for each client, maintaining competitive advantages in the industry.

Al Faris Streamlines Business Operation through Netsuite


The Al Faris Group, based in Dubai, provides much of the heavy-lifting equipment for the unabated construction going on across the Middle East, including for the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, as well as for the Dubai Metro and Dubai International Airport. To help streamline the rental of over 3,000 machines—worth an estimated $400m—on thousands of construction projects and managing around 3,200 employees, the company decided, in 2014, to adopt a cloud-based ERP solution from NetSuite.

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Use Netsuite to precisely estimate your expenditures so that your customers receive a quote that fully addresses their objectives. For projects to be completed on time and under budget, Netsuite can establish the precise estimations needed for labour, raw materials, designs, and other factors. This enables you to understand the income and profit loss from each project.
The data and information that you need to make business decisions could be scattered across multiple departments and geographic locations depending upon the clients. Gathering all this information and then extracting it into a central source is time-consuming and can be extremely inefficient. Netsuite allows you to centralise all the disparate data and operations, making it easy for the managers to make all their business decisions promptly and accurately.
Netsuite offers construction managers a wide range of tools to help you achieve your goals. Implementing Netsuite allows you to track both your staff’s productivity and their time spent on tasks, which means you can easily bill clients for services rendered. Further, you can achieve high optimization with projects by choosing and applying the right resource at the right time at the right place boosting your team’s productivity.

Contractors work with several clients at once, therefore it can be frustrating to exchange information and coordinate projects. Netsuite makes this process easier by providing resources and firewalls that support optimal data security, so you don’t have to worry about your company’s data getting into the wrong hands. Contractors can also limit access to certain parts of their files, sharing only partial information with the client while keeping the rest private.

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