Equipment Distributors

The equipment distributorship industry is one that requires high customer engagement, inventory management, supply chain and procurement optimization to manage its daily operations. However, to manage the company growth and staying relevant in such a competitive industry such functions need to be automated and streamlined to achieve maximum efficiency. Netsuite’s unified cloud system can help you achieve your goals in the following manner

Customer Story

To support its expansion in Southeast Asia, Japan-based ASICS needed ERP software that could quickly be provisioned for sales operations in India and Singapore, managed without an IT department, and was flexible enough to integrate with on-premise financial software at its headquarters. Seeking to reduce TCO, ASICS looked to the cloud and a two-tier ERP model to provide real-time visibility across the entire organization.

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Warranty Management.

Rent/Storage Management

Service Management

Warranty management is an essential tool for equipment distributors. It allows you to manage warranty claims, which can be very costly, and also helps you to track the warranty authenticity. Netsuite helps you do this with ease. Netsuite assists you in coordinating your warranty claims and ensuring that they are accurate. It further enables you to maintain specific rates for each product which allows you to manage pricing more effectively and ensure that the products are priced competitively in the market place.

Equipment distributors are subject to keeping intensive inventory across multiple sites. Manage inventory across these channels, utilising your space in the most efficient manner, so that you don’t have to worry about fulfilling commitments and prevent any stock-outs. Netsuite is designed to help you achieve the ideal product assortment by optimising replenishment functions and having real time access to all product information at various locations.

Service management is a common practice for equipment distributors. In order to provide customers with the best possible service, it is important that equipment distributors keep track of their customers and respond to their needs quickly. Netsuite offers this type of solution through its Service Management capabilities.

By using Netsuite’s Service Management capabilities, companies can improve customer satisfaction by providing faster response times and better tracking of customer information. Further, these capabilities allow for efficient communication between service supervisors and field mechanics while also lowering service costs

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