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The world has witnessed a huge surge in the number of FinTech firms in the past few years. In the fast-paced world of FinTech, more than 80% of financial institutions plan to collaborate with such startups. However, as they expand, they face the challenge of maintaining a complex array of relationships with financial institutions and other partners. This requires extensive accounting and tracking of finances, being especially true for large FinTech startups. Therefore, transitioning from small startups to widely funded organisations with multiple customers, FinTech companies face an issue with scalability and maintaining efficiency.

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To tackle such issues NetSuite ERP can provide solutions perfectly tailored to the needs of your company. Various components of the SuiteSucess such as NetSuite Oneworld, CRM and ERP can cater to the exact challenges faced by your organisation.

Since 1996, global technology services firm Aspire Systems has helped both enterprises and software vendors expertly blend technology with outsourcing. The company’s offerings include IT infrastructure support such as cloud migration and enterprise solutions like an omnichannel platform for retailers. Initially, the company relied on manual business processes, struggling to see sales reports and revenue in real time. This prevented leadership from making timely, informed decisions to help the business continue to grow.

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Financial Compliance and Auditing

Maintain Client Relationships

Inventory Management requires a robust system for keeping track of inventory levels across all channels so that there is no overstocking or shortage in any channel. NetSuite helps in automating the entire process of managing your inventory levels and staying on top of them at all times through features such as real-time inventory tracking, lot and serial number tracking, and expiration date tracking. This allows you to focus more on other aspects of your business like sales growth, customer relations etc., while leaving the tedious tasks like inventory tracking and monitoring with software solutions that work seamlessly with your existing systems like ERP or CRM solutions.
NetSuite Supply Chain Management focuses on building a harmonious relationship between the suppliers and the distributors through efficient demand forecasting, maintaining transparency in operations and establishing procure-to-pay processes which ensure that Account Payables are reminded and cleared out on time.
Netsuite CRM solution is designed to help you manage your relationships with your customers in a way that maximizes their value and ensures the best possible experience for them. NetSuite covers a wide range of functionalities such as case management, return tracking and self-service client support enabling you to run a truly customer-oriented business.

A huge leap from being small firms to large corporations due to high growth could result in the lack of development of a proper management structure within such a short period of time. Therefore, with the implementation of NetSuite Oneworld, your business can create standardised business procedures and instantly implement them across various divisions and subsidiaries. NetSuite automates internal financial reporting, financial analysis, and even regulatory compliance shifting employee focus to more important scalability issues which require human interference.

A tense regulatory and compliance environment surrounding FinTech firms means that your company needs to devote a high number of resources to comply with these standards. Adopting Netsuite Oneworld also provides a global end-to-end solution to meet time-consuming and important regulatory financial compliance standards and automatically follows the tax regulations of each region through further software customisations. Through role-based dashboards, NetSuite OneWorld offers businesses real-time global business intelligence by generating specialised reports, which could take hours or even days to compile, giving managers the ability to dig down into important indicators across an organization’s global operations.
Further, Netsuite CRM can help your company maintain customer relationships in an environment of continuously expanding user base. The CRM provides a seamless flow of information across the entire customer lifecycle from lead to all the way through opportunity, order, fulfilment, renewal, upsell, cross-sell and support. Therefore, such access to client data implies that the company can facilitate apt and timely communications with the right customers driving sales besides delivering excellent customer experiences.
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