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Wholesale Distribution is a complex business which requires extensive inventory management, supply chain distribution, customer relationship management and financial tracking. Managing these operations manually or through multiple software channels can be extremely time-consuming and prone to human errors resulting in losing multiple business opportunities and higher business expenses. As the requirement of e-commerce increases, there is a need for effective solutions to manage the entire process from order till delivery. A solution which provides real-time information on how each product is performing in the market will help you make better decisions.

How we approach the problem statement

Netsuite ERP for Wholesale Distribution follows a holistic approach which provides tailored solutions specifically built to adapt to your business needs. Being a comprehensive ERP solution it manages operations which will save you time, money and most importantly boost efficiency and income. Netsuite’s cloud-based ERP solution allows you to track all aspects of your business from one place. This saves you from having to use multiple software channels for different tasks as well as streamlines communication between all members of the organisation.
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Inventory Management requires a robust system for keeping track of inventory levels across all channels so that there is no overstocking or shortage in any channel. NetSuite helps in automating the entire process of managing your inventory levels and staying on top of them at all times through features such as real-time inventory tracking, lot and serial number tracking, and expiration date tracking. This allows you to focus more on other aspects of your business like sales growth, customer relations etc., while leaving the tedious tasks like inventory tracking and monitoring with software solutions that work seamlessly with your existing systems like ERP or CRM solutions.
NetSuite Supply Chain Management focuses on building a harmonious relationship between the suppliers and the distributors through efficient demand forecasting, maintaining transparency in operations and establishing procure-to-pay processes which ensure that Account Payables are reminded and cleared out on time.
Netsuite CRM solution is designed to help you manage your relationships with your customers in a way that maximizes their value and ensures the best possible experience for them. NetSuite covers a wide range of functionalities such as case management, return tracking and self-service client support enabling you to run a truly customer-oriented business.
When it comes to warehousing, it is important to have a good grasp on the volume space available at different locations along with other logistics considerations such as transport costs etc., before jumping into an investment decision. NetSuite ERP tracks inventory levels at various stock locations and optimises picking, putting away, replenishment functions, etc.

NetSuite X YelloCommerce (Hyperlink to yellocommerce lead collection form) enables both B2B and B2C businesses to drive online sales through a simpler view of the customer, order, and inventory and easier web store development. Further, the POS integration of various retail locations with the NetSuite ERP keeps a track record of all transactions and analyses the data which can be visualised on the dashboard, enabling the customer to track the performance of each location.

Distributors must maintain control over business costs and client payment processing if they are to accurately calculate operating expenses and income. NetSuite aids managers in monitoring acquisitions and spending plans while keeping an eye on inventory expenses. The software simplifies financial management by enabling your organisation to experience real-time tracking of finances instead of relying on any other software and settling them on a monthly or quarterly basis. Through functions such as budgeting, collection of accounts receivables, general ledger, accounts payable, fixed assets, cash management, and financial reporting, businesses can keep an extensive track of the inflow and outflow of money.
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