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Crypto Industry is known to be under continuous scrutiny for having complex challenges with financial audibility and being unable to comply with rigorous regulations. It is highly time-consuming for a crypto firm to keep track of all their transactions while also keeping high aims for scaling their businesses.

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To tackle such issues NetSuite ERP can provide solutions perfectly tailored to the needs of your company. Various components of NetSuite such as Oneworld, CRM and ERP can cater to the exact challenges faced by your organisation and provide accuracy, flexibility, and scalability to manage your growth.

To support its expansion in Southeast Asia, Japan-based ASICS needed ERP software that could quickly be provisioned for sales operations in India and Singapore, managed without an IT department, and was flexible enough to integrate with on-premise financial software at its headquarters. Seeking to reduce TCO, ASICS looked to the cloud and a two-tier ERP model to provide real-time visibility across the entire organization.

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Financial Integration and Auditing


A tense regulatory and compliance environment surrounding Cryptocurrency and Decentralised exchanges means that your company needs to devote a high number of resources to comply with these standards. Adopting Netsuite Oneworld also provides a global end-to-end solution to meet time-consuming and important regulatory financial compliance standards and automatically follows the tax regulations of each region through further software customisations. Therefore, make sure you can be compliant as a crypto company to meet legal and regulatory obligations.

Gain the ability to integrate crypto transactions of your firm with traditional banking and financial systems to maintain the highest level of transparency. Through role-based dashboards, NetSuite OneWorld offers businesses real-time global business intelligence by generating specialised reports, which could take hours or even days to compile, giving managers the ability to dig down into important indicators across an organization’s global operations.

Handling multinational transactions and experiencing a huge leap from being small firms to large corporations due to high growth could result in the lack of development of a proper management structure within such a short period of time. Therefore, with the implementation of NetSuite Oneworld, your business can create standardised business procedures and instantly implement them across various divisions and subsidiaries. NetSuite automates internal financial reporting, financial analysis, and even regulatory compliance shifting employee focus to more important scalability issues which require human interference.

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