Pet Services and Products Industry

Pet Services and Products is a highly personalised service providing industry which lays key emphasis on customer management and inventory management. It can be very demanding for a business to keep a track of each customer detail and inventory data through disparate systems. Netsuite makes it easy to find answers quickly and efficiently. It gives you an easy way to access real-time data and acts as a unified data model that enables one instance of record for financials, inventory, orders and customers.

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sub industry:

dog training, other pet services

  • integration consulting
  • apps & software development
  • managed services (NetSuite enhancement and support)

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Each pet is unique and has certain preferences when it comes to their grooming. The client may inform your company about allergen information, grooming styles, guidelines to adhere to when treating their pet to such services. Managing such individualised needs of each customer can get hectic and your company can face challenges meeting these demands. Netsuite helps you manage these challenges through its complete CRM solution. The CRM provides a seamless flow of information across the entire customer lifecycle facilitating apt and timely communications with the right customers driving sales besides delivering excellent customer experience.

Netsuite X Yellocommerce (Insert the yellocommerce hyperlink here) enables your business to manage online sales by providing a seamless experience between your website, apps and shopping carts supporting your sales process in addition to keeping the customer in the loop on the sales. Benefit your business by keeping your inventory data accurate and organised throughout the sale, and automating each step of the process.

Handling multinational transactions and experiencing a huge leap from being small firms to large corporations due to high growth could result in the lack of development of a proper management structure within such a short period of time. Therefore, with the implementation of NetSuite Oneworld, your business can create standardised business procedures and instantly implement them across various divisions and subsidiaries. NetSuite automates internal financial reporting, financial analysis, and even regulatory compliance shifting employee focus to more important scalability issues which require human interference.

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