Transportation, Logistics and Freight

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The transportation, logistics and freight industry has been plagued by manual processes that have led to high losses for companies. This is because managing orders within the industry through disparate technology systems can result in loss of extremely crucial time and resources. The companies need to track vehicle maintenance alongside managing upcoming bookings, payments, and resources. These difficulties are manageable in the beginning stages of a firm, but as it expands, scheduling and mutual coordination become more difficult.

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Netsuite provides a platform for business customers that allows them to gain full visibility over their supply base and provide real-time access to their own data, whether this be from logistics data or customer interactions with their supply chain. We offer a comprehensive set of products and services designed around helping you achieve your goals faster than ever before.

To support its expansion in Southeast Asia, Japan-based ASICS needed ERP software that could quickly be provisioned for sales operations in India and Singapore, managed without an IT department, and was flexible enough to integrate with on-premise financial software at its headquarters. Seeking to reduce TCO, ASICS looked to the cloud and a two-tier ERP model to provide real-time visibility across the entire organization.

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Transportation, Logistics and Freight

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Create profiles for all your contracts, associated carriers, and trade lanes spread out across various geographic regions for intermodal freight types. Support your regional as well as international transportation movements. Deploy multiple tax nexus within Netsuite to follow different tax compliances and regulations of each geographic region.
Manage your expenses through scheduling delivery dates well in advance for recurrent demands. Netsuite can help you automate the full procurement process for products and services, from purchase to payment. Adopt systems that provide an online self-service solution which improve precision of timely deliveries and expense operations. Netsuite provides an immediate outlook into your expenditure patterns and can adjust them to improve profitability or productivity.
Build multiple projections through a series of possible forecasted scenarios to derive the end points. Compare the actual and forecasted scenarios to understand the driving points between the differences. Get a better control over budgeting by understanding the root cause resulting in such differences.

Through Netsuite gain real-time visibility into KPIs, financial data and combined operations of various subsidiaries to formulate intelligence reports of your organisation. Establish greater control over crucial business decisions by having a better visuality through features such as dashboards, customised reporting.

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