Diversity and Inclusion

At TechFarben, we believe that diversity is critical to our success. We aim to build and maintain an environment where different personal experiences are valued, including race, color, religion, sex, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, family status, veteran status, national origin and ancestry, medical conditions, disabilities, and age. Our commitment to diversity helps create safe spaces for everyone at work by making a difference beyond our walls: we actively advocate within the tech industry for policies that prohibit employment discrimination.

FarbenVolunteering initiative is a volunteer committee open to all TechFarben employees and associates, with strong representation from underrepresented voices within our company.

The purpose of the committee is to identify and work on racial justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives based on employee feedback, best practices, and models.

Our commitments and goals

Build a culture of Global diversity, equity, and inclusion at TechFarben

We’ve made a series of diversity and inclusion training courses available to all employees.

We’ve invited all employees to participate in a roundtable to discuss and learn about unconscious biases.

Support communities and organizations

TechFarben is currently pursuing volunteering and donation opportunities with numerous nonprofits that pursue a stated mission of equity and justice through our social transformation program

Build a sustainable infrastructure for diversity, equity, and inclusion

We’re building a process to recruit more volunteers for the initiative from within the company, and identifying the committee or initiatives that align with their interests.