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TechFarben Social Transformation and Oracle NetSuite Social Impact

June 16, 2024
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM IST

The Way Forward: How Nonprofits are Strategically Planning for the Future

What does the way forward for nonprofits and social enterprises look like today?

That’s a question we continually ask ourselves as we look to provide answers and solutions within and beyond the ecosystem.

Impact-driven organizations today are harnessing new levels of ingenuity to address challenges, adapt to change, and build a culture of metric-driven decision-making. Never has financial planning and technology adoption been so integral in transforming how to scale nonprofit operations.

Join TechFarben Social Transformation and Oracle NetSuite Social Impact as we uncover innovative approaches to:

  • Drive strategic planning by leveraging data from across the organization.
  • Apply best practices on using technology to advance your mission
  • Leverage free technology resources for your digital transformation journey


TechFarben’s Social Transformation and Oracle NetSuite Social Impact’s mission is to support the success of nonprofits and social enterprises globally through the power of cloud technology. We offer product donations and discounts, cost effective implementation and activation models, pro bono, and capacity building to support organizations of all sizes in growing their mission.

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