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Health and Beauty is a continuously expanding industry wherein the consumer preferences are rapidly changing, making it difficult for companies to predict demand. This forms a challenge to accurately produce product forecasts about the industry and requires a high level of coordination, planning, and flexibility to adapt to the changing market.


Netsuite assists your company with data analysis, automation, and integration they need to stay competitive in the marketplace. Adopting Netsuite can help you manage the supply chains, forecast demand and plan more effectively to monitor lead times, manage logistics and be on the top to adjust to everchanging product landscape.

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AyurVAID Hospitals
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Netsuite for the Apparel, Fashion and Footwear industry looks into the following areas:

Inventory Management



Financial Management

Manage inventory across channels, so you don’t have silos of inventory data that prevent you from fulfilling commitments and prevent stock-outs. Netsuite is designed to help you achieve the ideal product assortment by removing inventory silos across channels. With a consistent instance of inventory data a reduction in inventory days can be achieved, working capital can be increased and your company can fulfil commitments on time.

Netsuite X Yellocommerce (Insert the yellocommerce hyperlink here) enables your business to manage online sales by providing a seamless experience between your website, apps and shopping carts supporting your sales process in addition to keeping the customer in the loop on the sales. Benefit your business by keeping your inventory data accurate and organised throughout the sale, and automating each step of the process.

Further, Netsuite CRM can help your company maintain customer relationships in an environment of continuously expanding user base. The CRM provides a seamless flow of information across the entire customer lifecycle from lead to all the way through opportunity, order, fulfilment, renewal, upsell, cross-sell and support. Therefore, such access to client data implies that the company can facilitate apt and timely communications with the right customers driving sales besides delivering excellent customer experiences.

Make informed decisions about pricing, promotions, and investments using NetSuite by gaining access to real-time financial data, including sales, costs, and profitability. This can help you close your books faster and increase automation within the organisation, reducing the expenses on hiring additional staff.

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