YelloCommerce enables businesses to list products, manage orders, payments, delivery time, promotions and more while seamlessly integrating with their existing FMS/ERP, productivity tools and cloud storage to remove barriers to scale.
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What to Expect from B2B Solution?

1. Create custom B2B registrations to separate customers from the start

  • Expand the default form with more fields (EU VAT/ABN/UK VAT/India GST Validation; checkboxes; Dropdown; Radio options; Date; Text; etc.)
  • Create separate Registration forms besides the default forms
  • Manage all registrations in the grid
  • Review and approve registrations before creating a customer account on your store
  • Add a tag for approved customers to manage easily later

2. Set up Custom Pricing for products based on customers/customer tags

  • Set up discounted prices for products/collections based on tags
  • Set the prices to a specific amount
  • Reduce the prices by a specific percentage/amount/fixed price
  • Pricing schedule time

3. Set up tier-discount (Quantity Break/Volume Discount) based on product quantities in orders

  • Set up tier discounts based on quantities of variants, products, and orders
  • Design a tier-pricing table to show on product pages and cart pages

4. Auto-add tags for customers based on smart conditions

  • Add tags and notes based on Customer and Order Actions
  • Bulk update tags for existing customers
  • Add Auto Tags based on Custom Fields created by B2B Forms

5. Manual Order from the admin backend

  • Create orders with custom pricing/quantity breaks for your customers right from the Backend.

6. Public API for 3rd integration

  • Custom Pricing API
  • Quantity Break API

7. Tax exemption for validated EU VAT numbers/ABN validation

  • Validate EU VAT IDs in real-time and automatically deduct VAT for customers with valid IDs.
  • Tax ID saved on Order Note/Order Attributes

8. Including / Excluding Tax Display

  • Including / Excluding Tax Displayed on Product Page/Cart Page
  • Work well whether “All Prices including tax option” is ticked or not
  • Work with Draft Order API

9. Order Limit

  • Restrict customer’s checkout if order minimum/maximum quantity/amount is not reached.
  • Work on the Cart page and the B

10. Discount Code

  • Create a Discount Code for customers to enter on the Cart page
  • Easily add Discount Code for B2B Customers

11. Multiple Currency

  • Automatic currency switcher

12. Add Fields to Order/Draft Order

  • Add any information to the Draft Order technique
  • Add Order Notes automatically
  • Easily integrate with 3rd apps on the cart page

13. Create Shipping Rate

  • Set custom shipping rate per customer

14. Quantity Increment

  • Easily sell different in a bundle, for example, 6, 12,…

15. Price Lists per customer

  • Apply a custom price list for specific customers

16. Extra Fee

  • Create an additional fee when the product/shopping cart meets the quantity/amount range

17. Payment terms

  • Credit terms

18. Payment Methods

  • Pre-built integrations with Stripe, PayPal etc.
  • Debit/Credit cards

19. Promotions

  • Customise and deploy promotion campaigns on your product.
  • Easily add discounts for B2B customers.

20. Operations Dashboard (UI to manage the B2B)

  • Purchase history
  • Order tracking

21. ChatBox Integration

22. Dedicated on going support