Single source of truth

Connect and automate AI + Data
+ CRM across any system.

Customer story

reduction in development time

“Centralized data accessibility – enabled by APIs – empowers Invesco to deliver innovative experiences faster, solidifying their place and future as a leading asset management firm in a consolidating industry.”

Jay Broadfoot

Global Head of Engineering, Invesco

Automation for IT and business users alike

Integration is no longer just an IT challenge. With Celigo, IT sets the governance and controls the tools so business users can automate the processes closest to them.

Solve your most complex integration needs

Integrating systems is never straightforward. You need a platform that supports a breadth of integration patterns with the flexibility to use anything from drag and drop to advanced script and code injection.

Integrate any application and its data

Utilize the larger Celigo community by accessing hundreds of prebuilt solutions to augment or extend your automations.

Number speak louder than words

See the total economic impact study and calculate the impact on your business


ROI Packback in <6 months

$20.7 M

Net Present Value


Productivity Improvment