Simplify and streamline your EdTech business operations with the #1 Cloud ERP - Oracle NetSuite.

One unified business management suite, encompassing ERP/Financials, CRM and payments for more than 36,000 customers.

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    Challenges faced by EdTech Industry

    Hindered access to educational resources and disrupted continuity of learning experiences.

    Requires constant adaptation to meet diverse needs and preferences while ensuring quality educational experiences.

    Increased pressure to innovate, and potential fragmentation of educational offerings.

    Limiting resources for innovation, development, and scaling initiatives, thus hindering efforts to enhance educational access and quality.

    Demanding strategic financial management to sustain operations, innovate, and scale while ensuring continued accessibility and quality of educational services.


    Get a Better CRM
    Today’s prospective students aren’t calling you. They’re visiting your website, chatting with online representatives, and reaching out via social media.
    This means you need a customer relationship management (CRM) system that can gather information from all sources throughout the customer lifecycle. This way, you can effectively renew, upsell, cross-sell, and support students and potential enrollees at all stages of their journey.
    Qualifying leads faster will also increase student enrollments, with the help of direct mail and email targeting.

    Taking EdTech to the Next Level with NetSuite
    There aren’t many ERP solutions out there that streamline all of your processes. If you’re serious about improving tracking, reporting, visibility, finances, revenue, and marketing — then you need NetSuite.

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    UNIVO EdTech Goes Live with Oracle NetSuite ERP and TechFarben in less than 100 days

    “Oracle NetSuite provides better planning and coordination of resources to maximise profit. Providing an architectural map of business’ functional activities, improving result accuracy, integration with different systems, enhancing the flexibility of operation, seamless reporting, compliance and improving productivity.”

    – Manish Narang, Financial Controller

    Why TechFarben ?

    Every business is a tapestry of diverse processes. Streamlining complexity is essential for sustained success. TechFarben emerges as the linchpin of simplification, unraveling intricacies. Industries seeking punctual delivery of budget-conscious, innovative solutions can rely on TechFarben. We excel in marketing and refining our products, committed to delivering bespoke solutions for your unique challenges.

    Foster resilience and agility within your organization with Oracle NetSuite ERP, the premier Cloud ERP solution.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does NetSuite ERP differentiate itself from other ERP solutions ?

    a. NetSuite ERP stands out as a pioneer in cloud technology, boasting a genuine cloud infrastructure that eliminates version-lock constraints.

    b. NetSuite ERP offers a holistic 360-degree view, enabling efficient management of all facets of business operations.

    c. NetSuite adopts a systematic approach to expansion, allowing for seamless integration of additional modules as per evolving business needs.

    d. NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess methodology is founded on two decades of refined implementation practices, tailored to specific industries to expedite ROI and mitigate business risks effectively.

    We have limited IT resources – will we need to hire a full-time IT person ?

    No, that’s not necessary. Throughout the implementation phase, we’ll collaborate with you to grasp your needs and implement solutions accordingly. Following implementation, our support team will be available to assist with any technical issues.

    How does NetSuite upgrades work ?

    NetSuite provides free upgradation. All NetSuite customers operate on a unified release cycle. Two significant upgrades are conducted annually, complemented by continual minor updates throughout the year.

    How robust is the security of NetSuite ERP ?

    NetSuite’s security measures are exemplified by the trust of even the most prominent financial institutions. Your data is comprehensively safeguarded, with encryption applied both in transit and at rest. Multiple layers of authentication, including passwords, two-factor authentication (2FA), and security questions, ensure secure user access to the system. Additionally, NetSuite guarantees an uptime service level agreement (SLA) of 99.7%.

    What is the minimum user requirement for NetSuite’s platform ?

    To access NetSuite’s platform, a base module plus one user license is the minimum requirement.

    What is the pricing structure for NetSuite ERP ?

    NetSuite operates on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model with a pay-as-you-go pricing approach. This means you avoid the overhead of maintaining IT infrastructure for hosting and software management. By subscribing to NetSuite, you gain access to managed services, ensuring seamless operation. With biannual upgrades, you continuously benefit from the latest software modules and embedded technologies. NetSuite guarantees high security standards and 24/7 accessibility from any location via the internet.