Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital Transformation Strategy

TechFarben follows the industry standard 4 stage deployment process. We believe that a thorough understanding of your business and its unique challenges is the only way to design a transformation strategy that will meet your targets. Our approach ensures that we can build the right platform for your organisation, running on a stable infrastructure, so you can focus on delivering value instead.

Value Improvement

Our main aim throughout your digital transformation strategy is to drive a higher value for your company. The value addition can be put into individual perspectives depending upon your goals and strategy.


Adopting certain ERP practices to achieve very specific urgent business needs such as Improving Days Sales Outstanding, improving staff efficiency, Eliminating functional silos and improving collaboration between teams


Implementing technology to bridge the gaps between your plans and the reality of your company’s position in the market. Evaluating your company’s long term or end term goals, and identifying ways that technology can help you move to where you want to go.

Mobile development

Completely changing the functioning of your company through integrating technology in a manner that Netsuite becomes the centre of your organisation, leading to improved business growth and profitability.

The deployment process

The digital transformation journey of each company is different, however the larger deployment process follows a similar path. The 4 stage process consists of Engage, Drive, Enable and Convert. Relying upon your desired goals and the value addition being achieved, the checklists of implementation may vary.


Understanding your desired goals and laying the foundation of your digital transformation strategy. Our team is introduced to you and sits down to discuss project budgets, timelines and change management plans.

After the vision and the strategy is laid out, the actionable plans are built to enable future deployment. Various customizations may be required therefore building blocks of the individualised needs of the company are discussed. Additional training to accommodate the company employees to such digital transformation may be required, therefore the training plan is discussed.

The last stage of our deployment process is to ensure a complete transfer of ownership to your company. Key indicators are established to measure the value addition achieved through the transformation strategy and continuous support is offered.

Seamlessly integrate technologies to develop automated and efficient systems and services.

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